About Apostle

Apostle Ronald D. Howell Sr., was born in Waldo Arkansas, to Flois and the late Earnest Howell. He is one of eight children. As the son of a farmer and a homemaker, he learned the value of hard work, as well as faith in his labor.

Prior to his graduation, Apostle Howell enlisted in the military at age 17. After four years of service, as a depot maintenance repairman, he had a break in service for one year. During this time he was a “Roughneck” oil driller, in south Texas. He then re-entered the military and after one year was an attendee at the primary leadership development course at Ft. Hood TX, (PLDC) after which he was given orders to first of the forth infantry battalion Germany.

His tenor in the army consist of; mechanic, recovery specialist, Assault Specialist instructor, Drill Sergeant, Platoon Sergeant, First Sergeant, KMC Transportation NCOIC. An expert in rifle marksmanship, grenade, machine gun 150, 160 caliber. Expert in foreign weapons as well. He was also a Special Forces trained master gunner and German commando certified. Apostle Howell was promoted to Sergeant at the age of 23. Being a leader at a very young age now retired, he presides over the largest church outside of the continental United States led by an American Shepherd. His primary mission is to fulfill the goal of his calling. To make disciples, preach the word and equip saints.

Apostle Howell is a shepherd of an interdenominational church. Possessing the anointing to reach across denominational barriers with simple yet affective truth. Jesus will save you, if you meet him half-way.

With a doctorate degree in religious studies, Apostle rose from the religious hierarchy from deacon to bishop, with an impressive knowledge of spiritual matters. He recognized that logic is not spirit, and spirit is not always logical. This is a cross to bear…

Being raised in a simple and unsophisticated background as a farm-boy, he has an extraordinary approach to difficult situations called The Common Sense Approach. The Word of God must be applicable, practical and understandable.

“Through the profoundness of revelation, we will all understand our place in Christ.”           This is Apostle Howell’s Credo.