Booking Requests

It is an honor that you have considered hosting Apostle Howell in your church or city. To better accommodate your request we ask that you please send us notification of your intentions to host Apostle Howell well in advance. The flexibility of at least three months would allow him to prayerfully consider your request and properly make arrangements.

It is very important to us that we gather as much information concerning your event as possible. Please research and prepare the answers to following questions:

1. What type of conference/event are you hosting? (Title, Theme and Objective)
2. How many members are in your congregation, or the expected attendance of your event? (Please note that the number of attendees/congregants is by no means a deciding factor for his visit. However, it will assist Apostle Howell in his preparation for this engagement.)
3. What are some of the issues you are facing in you church/city/community?
4. What are some of the areas that you would like to have addressed during this conference/event?
5. Are there any subjects that you feel uncomfortable addressing at this time, that you would prefer Apostle Howell to address?
6. Will this event be publicized by television or radio? If so, by what station(s)? (This question is asked to help us keep our viewers and listeners informed as well.)

Note: Required accommodations are needed to ensure Apostle Howell is properly prepared:
1. Private area for consecration before teaching
2. Parking accommodations (reserved parking close to the building)
3. Clear directions to the event location and contact person (in case he gets lost, delayed, or detoured)
4. A tentative schedule outlining the times and events (lecture, dinner, reception) you are requesting him to attend
5. A list of suitable hotels in your area

****Apostle Howell travels with Driver/Aide, Administrative Assistant, and Praise Team and Audio Visual team, if necessary.

Please request a Speaking Engagement Request Form.

This form must be completely filled out to consider your request. Thanks again for your time and we will get back to you as soon as possible. God Bless!